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An Introduction to Double Glazing Prices

If you are considering investing in UPVC windows or UPVC doors for your home, it is important to be aware of what factors would impact upon the costs, and what exactly the benefits would be. Double glazing prices are typically higher than that of single panel designs, but in the long term, the savings that can be made in terms of energy bills are great.

The concept that lies behind double glazed windows is a simple one, they contain two panes of glass that are spaced an average of five millimeters apart. The air that is in-between the two panes creates an insulation barriers which minimizes heat transfer and cold transfer. The design can reduce energy bills considerably, and not just in the winter but also in the summer.

For these windows to work as designed they must be fully air tight, for this reason it is essential to choose a contractor that is reliable and experienced. A drying agent should be used when the products are being manufactured to guarantee that there is no moisture in-between the panes. If there is condensation inside of the windows, this is an indication that the seal is broken, and that they will not be as efficient as they have been designed to be.

A single pane window is extremely inefficient in terms of insulating a home. It has been estimated that a much as sixty per cent of a typical residence's heat transfer occurs due to these old fashioned designs. It has been claimed that the latest UPVC windows and doors can allow a homeowner to reduce their energy expenses by ten to fifteen per cent.

Apart from the obvious financial benefits, switching to energy efficient glazing can also be beneficial for the planet. Less energy consumption results in a reduction in the amount of carbon pumped into the atmosphere by power stations.